The easy-way to compare ad tech companies

Hello and welcome to is a comparison website designed to help marketers, advertisers and agencies source, select and contact ad tech providers relevant to their business and ad campaign needs.

Why a comparison website for adtech?

Digital advertising is now the largest advertising medium. There are over 300 digital ad tech suppliers offering their services to marketers in the UK. The choice can be overwhelming with little apparent differentiation between suppliers yet selecting the right adtech partners is critical to campaign success and spending advertising money wisely. DigitalAdvertising is designed to help advertisers find the right adtech suppliers to best meet their campaign objectives, budget and channel requirements.

How does it work?

The service is free for users. Marketers can access a very simple wizard, indicate their campaign objectives, choose the type of ad platform they want to advertise on and specify a budget. DigitalAdvertising then returns a prioritised list of adtech providers which best match their criteria. Marketers can compare providers, check out a more detailed provider profile, contact adtech companies and even put a quote request out to get specific feedback from providers. Adtech providers may also provide offers to marketers from time to time.

How is the list of adtech providers sourced?

We research the adtech market regularly and have compiled around 150 data points on each ad provider. This includes any particular strength of focus a provider may have, their audience reach, brand safety tools, features and any pricing information we have. We use this data to prioritise the providers based on what you are looking for. We have commercial relationships with some ad providers but this does not affect how we prioritise our results. You can find some popular adtech comparisons here.

We’re still in beta and so we may be a bit ragged around the edges. That said, whether you are a marketer or ad tech provider, we’d value your feedback so please get in touch.