Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning

We have a really experienced team here who understand what is required to create an effective media plan. We plan and buy across all media, and at the heart of our approach is detailed research of your business and your consumers.

We work very closely with our media strategists to understand what media choices will be best to reach your consumers.

Whether we are launching a new brand, changing consumer behaviour, or advertising an established brand – we make sure we understand the ways in which people interact with and see the brand. Then we plan a campaign that will reach them in smart and effective ways.

We work closely with your creative partners to make sure that the media strategy works hand in glove with the adverts you are going to make, and everything is then presented to you for your approval.

We work with a number of very experienced online buyers, and in the team we have years and years of experience that we can share with you.

Once we have your sign-off on the media plan, we then proceed to the next stage which is the media buying.

Media Buying

Once a media plan has been signed-off, the media buyer then negotiates the best possible rates and deals on your behalf and confirms the media bookings to the online media owners (be this networks or site specific).

One of the key roles of the media buyer is to maintain excellent relationships with the media owners – this ensures that you have access to all the latest industry intelligence through them and they are the first to know about deals that are available.

At Recipe we have some very experienced online media buyers who have spent years building up their network of contacts across the industry. By working with us, you have access to best in market pricing, and superior media owner relationships through us.

A typical starting budget to get an online media campaign live would be £5k – but if you don’t have this much to spend – don’t worry – contact us and we’ll see how we can help.

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